Green Roofing & Solar in Denver, CO

Integrated solar and green roof technology is something that has been done across the world, however, it hasn’t been until recently that it has started getting more recognition. This modern technology has a cooling effect that can be extremely beneficial and cost-effective to your business.

Bio Solar Green Roof Technology

A bio solar roof consists of solar panels as well as organic vegetation to produce a cooling effect that is much more advanced than other heating and cooling systems. The water stored in the plant and the solar panels generate efficient cooling through evaporation. As a result, the solar panels produce more reliable power during high temperatures during the summer. Green roofs also reduce air pollutants and dust drifts found on bare roofs. Because green roof and solar technology have developed to such advanced systems, it is easy and efficient to install both without roof penetration or potential leaks in your roof.

Efficient Eco-Friendly Energy Source

Green and solar panel roofs work hand in hand to create one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective ways to bring energy into your home or business. The plants facilitate evaporation which makes the rooftop cooler, and because of this, the solar panels operate at peak efficiency. The synergy benefits each element to work dependently on each other.

Green Roofs at Sopris Solar

At Sopris Solar we have the knowledge and the technology to bring solar panel and green roof technology to your business, giving an extremely cost-effective renewable energy source to reduce the costs of your electricity services. There have been many cases of bio solar roofs being extremely successful to businesses all around the world. Let us bring this brand new technology to your commercial business today! Contact us for an estimate, or with any questions you may have about integrating solar and green roof technology!