Commercial Solar Roofing in Denver, CO

Many of our solar installations are done on the roofs of commercial buildings. More than just solar panel installation, we offer minor roofing services to ensure that we leave your roof as pristine of a condition as we found it. Learn more about the services we provide below.

Sopris offers full service solar panel installation

Sopris offers full service solar panel installation. This means that beyond the installation and removal of solar panels – our technicians can perform solar panel specific minor roofing repairs.

We also offer minor commercial roofing repairs

When installing solar panels in commercial areas we offer minor roofing repairs. We carry out these repairs on a case by case basis. However, they typically involve minor fixes such as patching and maintaining areas where the panel structures adhere to the roof.

Moving? We can help you bring your solar panels with you

If you’re moving and want to bring your solar panels with you, no sweat! For a company that can remove the panels, perform minor roof repair on your as needed and reinstall the solar panels on your new roof, call Sopris Solar! Sure, you could have a variety of contractors perform the work of removing and reinstalling your solar panels, but why risk it? The delicate and intricate components of solar panels make them very complicated pieces of machinery. Why trust someone who isn’t as acquainted with solar panels with their removal and reinstallation?

Take comfort in the knowledge that Sopris is available every step of the way with solar panel installation, solar panel upgrades and solar panel reinstallation after a move. If you’re relocating, upgrading your solar panels, or installing your first set of solar panels, we offer far more than just basic installation. We also offer solar panel repair, as well as minor roofing repairs such as patching and filling holes. Reach out to Sopris Solar if you’re ready to make your own your electricity. Give us a call or reach out online today.