Non-Profit Solar Panels in Denver, CO

Benefits of Going Solar for Non-profits

Power Your Non-Profit Organization With Clean, Sustainable Solar Power And Free Your budget From Energy Costs

How C-PACE Funding Works for Non-profits

  • What if you had a “new way” to fund your non-profit building modernization project that required no out-of-pocket expense, and generated immediate positive cash flow?

    Colorado C-PACE enables owners of Eligible Commercial & Industrial Buildings to finance up to 100% of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation eligible improvements. Financing will have repayment terms of up to 20 years from a private Capital Providers.

    Moreover, C-PACE long-term financing enables a compelling opportunity for the building owner by decreasing energy costs and increasing cash flow.

    • Required No out-of-pocket expense
    • Generated Immediate positive cash flow
    • Energy costs: Decreased
    • Building cash flow: Increased
    • Technical projections: Confirmed by an independent 3rd party.
    • Financial projections: Confirmed by an independent 3rd party.

Why C-PACE Funding for Non-Profits

When choosing to install new energy saving technology such as more efficient lighting or boilers, or upgrading to renewable energy with solar panels, the choice too often comes down to a trade-off between using scarce capital resources to either upgrade their physical plant or carry out their mission.

Financing building improvements using Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) can enable nonprofits to overcome these upfront cost barriers and easily access capital that is paid for over time through savings on utility bills. PACE offers low-interest rates, elongated terms to minimize payments, and a solid value proposition for mission-driven organizations.  That’s a good deal not only for the community, but for local clean energy businesses, the regional economy, and our shared environment.

Labor and Social Welfare Organizations

  • Improve your building’s overall performance
  • Reduce energy and operating costs
  • Increase cash flow for member services

Affordable Housing

  • Stabilize properties and secure reliable energy

  • Increase property value

  • Reduce energy bills for tenants and common area

Houses of worship

  • Substantially decrease your energy costs
  • Reallocate cash flow to community programs
  • Protect the earth and create community environmental consciousness

School Districts and Charter Schools

  • Reduce school’s electricity bill significantly

  • Real-world way to teach students the need for more renewable energy

  • Make school community part of the solution to current carbon emissions