Residential & Home Solar Panels in Denver, CO

SEE how much you can save on your electric bill with sopris solar

Your Monthly Electric Bill


Spend less on energy every month and do something good for the earth.

Solar panels for your home in Denver saves our customers and average of 40% on their energy costs and will offset over 160 tons of CO2 over 20 years.

Own your Energy

You own your house, you own your car…why not own your electricity? Electricity prices continue to rise while solar energy prices are at an all-time low. Sopris Solar can help you become energy independent by providing you with home solar panels in Denver with no-money-down and a low monthly solar electric payment.

How Home Solar Works in Denver

Solar technology harnesses from the second most abundant element on Earth, the limitless energy of the sun. It couldn’t be more sustainable, and it’s becoming more affordable every year. So how does harnessing solar energy work?

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Custom Solar Solutions

Our solar energy consultants are experts in custom solar panel design for Denver homes. Every system we design and install is perfectly tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers and their homes.

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Design & Installation

Sopris Solar experts understand that every residence and home has custom needs when it comes to the design of their solar panel installation. Our experts will design and install the solar panels on your home to suit those needs.

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At Sopris Solar, we understand that certain things, such as weather, can result in the need for replacement of your solar panels. We would be happy to consult with you the different options we provide for removal, re-installation, or replacement.

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Service & Repair

Sopris Solar professionals provide repair services on any damage that may have been inflicted on your solar panels. Give us a call or send us an email today about any service or repair you may need on your home solar panels in the Denver metro area.

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Maintenance & Monitoring

Like most things, having solar panels mean regular maintenance. We at Sopris Solar, provide monitoring services that keep your solar power system running properly and efficiently.

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At Sopris Solar, we offer reasonable payment plans and financing for residential solar panels for Denver homeowners. Let us provide cost-effective solar energy in your home!

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  • Our Process

    Our team of solar energy consultants in Denver are experts when it comes to the custom design of solar panels and home battery installation. We understand that every system must be designed and installed perfectly to tailor to the needs of our customers and their homes.

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  • Referral Program

    At Sopris Solar, we appreciate our customers, and we hope that you appreciate us as well. That's why we've developed a referral program that offers bonuses to customers who spread our name and business across the Denver metro area.

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  • Roofing

    Most of our solar installations are done upon the rooves of residential homes. We provide minor roofing services to best suit the needs of your residential solar panels in Denver.

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