Residential & Home Solar Design & Installation in Denver, CO

The Leading Installer of Solar Panels in Denver

Sopris Solar is Colorado’s premier solar provider. Locally-owned and nationally recognized, we have hundreds of residential and commercial solar customers throughout Colorado. We offer purchasing options and custom design every solar installation for our customers.

We help you gain control of your power with a solar system that delivers electricity at a fraction of the cost you currently pay your utility company.

With over a decade of experience performing solar panel installs for hundreds of homes in the Denver area, we know how to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency. We will create a custom solar panel design for your Denver home which can then be mounted on the roof of your home or unit. Sopris can work with you to discuss your needs and will custom design a system based on your requirements.

Denver’s Experts in Solar Panel Design

Sopris Solar experts understand that every residence or home has custom needs when it comes to the design of their solar panel installation. Our Denver experts will design and install the solar panels in your home to suit those specific needs.

When having a solar energy system installed in Denver, the solar panel system’s design is integral in ensuring maximized efficiency. Essentially, a solar panel system needs to be exposed to as many hours of sunlight as possible. The technicians at Sopris Solar are highly trained in designing solar energy systems to be as functional as possible. Only Sopris Solar has the expertise to help you make the most of your property, so that you can save big on your power bill!

Reach out to Sopris Solar today. Customers in Denver agree, our solar panel design and installation services are second to none. Pick up the phone and give us a call today! See what makes us Denver’s favorite solar installation company.