Residential Solar Panel Removal & Re-Installation in Denver, CO

Removal & Re-Installation

At Sopris Solar, we understand that certain things, such as weather, can result in the need for the removal of your solar panels. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss the different options for removal, re-installation, or replacement. 

Residential Solar Panel Removal & Re-Installation in Denver, CO

If you are planning on selling your home and want to bring your solar panels with you to your new home, or if you need roofing repairs, you will probably need a solar panel (or 2) removed and reinstalled; we can help! Our experts at Sopris Solar are fully equipped and happy to help you with your solar panel removal & reinstallation service.

Removing Solar Panels

Removing solar panels may be as simple as unplugging the connection wires underneath and unbolting the panels from the mounting device. However, the task should be done by a professional, and our technicians are happy to provide the service. If you’re moving from your home, an installer will need to remove the mounting hardware that holds the panels upright. This means you may also need some roof patch work. Luckily, Sopris Solar can assist with this.

Reinstalling Solar Panels

If you have outdated panels, it may be beneficial to have your home's solar panels replaced or upgraded. However, since the cost of new home solar panels has dropped immensely, and solar technology is always evolving, it may be beneficial and less expensive to upgrade now! Our professionals at Sopris Solar, will provide you with the best estimate for your home's current solar panel needs.

Sopris Solar Removal and Reinstallation

Our professional technicians here at Sopris Solar are fully trained and equipped to provide you the best options when it comes to replacing or removing your solar panels. We highly recommend contacting an installer before doing any work yourself, as working with electricity and roofing can be severely dangerous. If you are installing a new roof, call Sopris Solar first to remove your solar panels properly before work begins. Once the roof is complete, our team will reinstall your solar panels. Give us a call, or contact us via email for estimates or any questions you may have about your home solar panels!